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Student #STATEments

Meet Sydney! 1.What do you love most about Georgia State? "My favorite thing is the diversity in the student body. I love walking through the plaza and hearing three different languages. I am learning a lot from my classes but... Continue Reading →

Student #STATEments

What better way to get a glimpse of life at Georgia State than asking the students themselves! See what Julia has to say about Georgia State: What do you love most about Georgia State? "I love diversity at Georgia State... Continue Reading →

Today’s The Day!

We love a day where we get to celebrate our talented students, both incoming and outgoing! Congratulations to the Fall Class of 2016 on their graduation. With their exit, we usher in a new class. But is #GSU2021 ready? Georgia... Continue Reading →

The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship

At Georgia State University, we want you to achieve the very best you can by providing you with as many opportunities as possible. We are please to announce that we are currently accepting applications for the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship, established... Continue Reading →

Scott’s Inside Scoop: Everybody, Relax!

We're excited to see how many students are applying to Georgia State. I can't believe the numbers. Our processing teams are as busy as can be, and I'm loving all of the students who are ready to become Georgia State... Continue Reading →

Visit Georgia State – Virtually!

We are happy to announce that Georgia State has created a virtual tour for our applicants and prospective students. Thanks to our friends at YouVisit, our guests can now take a virtual guided walking tour complete with rich media, video... Continue Reading →

Why Live On Campus?

Did you know that at college, your living environment is highly important to your overall experience in college? Your living space has an affect on you academically, financially and socially. Due to this, it is important to take all factors into... Continue Reading →

Hocus Pocus Early Action Focus

It's almost Halloween, and we're getting SCARILY close to the Fall 2017 Early Action deadline at the Georgia State University - Atlanta Campus. Meeting this deadline is the trick if you want the best admissions treats such as early scholarship consideration, early financial... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Real Cost of Attending College

Did you know many students don’t pay the full cost of tuition advertised by colleges and universities? If you and your family are worrying about the cost of attending college, keep reading to learn more about the difference between a... Continue Reading →

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