Being part of the Panther family definitely has its perks. Being a student at Georgia State means that you can enjoy a range of services and opportunities that you can benefit from during your academic career. We’ve compiled a list of the several Panther Perks available to you when you chose to enroll at Georgia State.

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There’s so much information available about financial aid for college that it can be hard to tell the facts from fiction. We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 common myths about financial aid and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):  Read More

Exams are over and winter break is finally here! You’ve worked hard all semester, now it’s time to relax and have some fun, but rather than spending your whole day in bed and feeling unproductive, there are so many other great ways to spend your time. Here’s a few suggestions on how to make the most of your winter break.  Read More

Students in dining hall

Some of your favorite college memories will be made sharing a meal with friends on campus. At Georgia State, we are committed to providing you with quality food at affordable prices. Did you know that our fully functional hydroponic farm benefits from innovative climate technology and produces crops with zero herbicides or pesticides? You can enjoy a meal made with our freshly grown produce right on campus!

While you are in the midst of your college search process, don’t forget to consider the dining options at the universities you are applying to. We’ve devised a list of eateries on campus that are sure to give you a taste of what Georgia State has to offer. There are options for students looking for a “homestyle” cooked meal, an international dining experience or a quick study break snack. Whether you’re craving wings, pizza, sushi, salad or fresh baked goods, you can find what you’re looking for at Georgia State.

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Did you know at Georgia State University, there is no achievement gap and our graduation rate has increased from 32 percent to 54 percent over the last decade? 

At Georgia State, everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success regardless of race or income. The faculty and staff here are dedicated to helping students accomplish their goals and graduate.

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Georgia State University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to announce that starting this fall, we are moving from an early action admissions process to a rolling admissions cycle. Read on to learn the benefits of rolling admissions and the difference between other admissions cycle types including early action and regular decision.
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Thinking about the costs associated with attending college can be overwhelming. However, Georgia State University understands that managing your finances is difficult, when the cost of your textbooks may exceed the cost of living. We suggest a simple solution — why not work on your college campus? Working on campus brings the best of both worlds together! It can ease the financial burden of attending college by allowing you to earn money to help cover personal expenses, transportation, housing and even tuition. Aside from earning extra money, it provides hands-on, real-world experience and an opportunity for you to gain valuable skills. Whether you are still searching for a college to fit your needs or a current student, Georgia State offers a variety of on-campus jobs for you to explore.

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You may have already begun coordinating with your roommate and bought twin XL sheets, but there are several items that may have slipped your mind. At Georgia State University we understand that preparing to move can be exciting and stressful at the same time, so we’ve prepared a list of our essential packing tips for your convenience.

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Students walking in woodruff park

You’ve wrapped up your classes and summer break is finally here! You may be planning on sleeping in late and hanging out with friends, but what are some things you can do now to be better prepared for college later? Georgia State is hard at work preparing to welcome students to the Panther family. We are just as excited for you to be here as you are to begin, but before we get ahead of ourselves — here are some tips for all students to make the most of their summer before college.

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The City

At Georgia State, we believe that our convenient and advantageous location makes it the best place to study. Georgia State is located right at the heart of Atlanta, a place where there are endless opportunities. Students at Georgia State find themselves captivated by the city and are constantly taking advantage of the benefits that Atlanta has to offer. The city allows students to make important connections and build new networks that cannot be formed anywhere else. Home of large companies like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, students have access to internships and a range of employment opportunities at their fingertips. Here’s a glimpse of a few top companies that are headquartered in Atlanta:  Read More