The Five Reasons You Should Apply Early

“Where are you going to college?”

“What’s the plan after graduation?”

“How many schools have you applied to?”

It’s senior year, and you’re getting bombarded with questions. Quite frankly, you’re asking yourself the same things. It can be tough to make sure that you’re getting everything done with your college applications and enjoying senior year. But applying early might be the solution you’re looking for.

Early application comes with a wide range of benefits that could pay off – literally and figuratively. Check out the top 5 reasons you should apply early.

1. Decreased Stress

College applications loom over your senior year to-do list greater than anything else. Rather than pushing it off or waiting to see what your friends do, why not apply early? This way, you can breathe easily knowing that you have already put in the work, and spend the rest of your time enjoying your last year of high school. Early application = more sleeping and Netflix binging over holiday break. Trust us.

2. Maximum Scholarship Opportunities

Your eligibility for scholarships is at its peak when you apply early. If you’d like to be considered for every single scholarship opportunity that a school offers, it’s best to have your application in as early as possible. It makes sense, right? If you want to score all the points in a game you possibly can, you’re there for the first quarter, not just the last. Georgia State’s prestigious Presidential Scholarship has a deadline that coincides with our November 16 Early Action deadline. Applying early seems like much less of a hassle when it’s providing the opportunity to go to college tuition-free with stipends.

3. Honors College Eligibility 

Honors students often experience more customization with their education to make sure that they are sufficiently challenged. This kind of education requires time, resources and the proper faculty. You’ll often see that Honors Colleges have early application dates so that they can plan ahead for their unique student make-up. If you want to be an honors student, it’s best to apply early so that you have the greatest chance of being awarded one of a limited amount of spots.

4. Premier Choices

Once you’re admitted into a school, there’s a wide range of choices that you have to make. Housing, parking, specialized learning communities and orientation dates are just a few. Many schools put early applicants at the front of the registration line, meaning you get the top picks for residence halls and much more.

5. Bragging Rights

Getting into college is a big deal! When you apply early, you get an earlier decision too. Imagine how great it will feel to know you’ve been accepted into college before the end of January. How many likes do you think you’ll get when you post a pic of your acceptance letter on Instagram before people even remember to write 2016 on the top of their papers? You’ll be so happy that you know what you’re doing after graduation, you won’t be able to resist a humblebrag.

Prepare for early action application by gathering your best test scores, excellent essay ideas, recommendation letters and your thinking cap. Apply early at Georgia State if you’re ready for a college experience with unlimited boundaries and unforgettable experiences in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

Got questions? Ask us in the comments section below!


8 Comments on “The Five Reasons You Should Apply Early

  1. Are both the Common Application and the GAcollege411 application accepted? The GAcollege411 application seems much easier and straightforward and I would prefer to use that one, if it is an acceptable choice. Thanks!


    • What a great question!

      Georgia State encourages freshman students to apply through the Common Application. This way each applicant can benefit from building a more thorough application profile, and can read through our optional essay prompts. It is possible to use GACollege411, but we love the depth of information that we receive from our Common Application applicants because it really helps us get to know you.

      Transfer students (students with 30+ semester hours on their official transcripts) are encouraged to apply through GACollege411 since we already have a great idea of their college performance from their documentation.

      We know that applying can seem a little confusing, but we promise it’ll be worth it! Let us know if you need anymore help by emailing us at We can’t wait to have you as a future Panther!


    • Hi AYOMIDE!

      International transcripts can be sent online, but only through certain pre-approved channels such as WES, Common App, CollegeNet, AIRC, etc. After initial review of what you have submitted, our office will contact you if other documentation or information is needed. If you have any other questions about international transcripts, feel free to email Thanks!


  2. If another college accepts me and Georgia State accepts me as well when I apply early action, am I going to be tied down to attend Georgia State or could I pick to attend the other college?


    • That is an excellent question! Georgia State participates in Early Action decisions that are not binding. You will not be obligated to attend if you do not want to. Some other schools, however, do make binding decisions – so watch out for the fine print. We’d love to have you on campus as a Georgia State Panther, but we also encourage you to make the right choice for you!


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