Scott’s Inside Scoop: Our Guide for First-Generation Students

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has been working on a new resource for first-generation college students and their families,  and we’re excited to share it with the world. Georgia State’s Guide for First-Generation Students brings together a variety of resources to help trailblazing students who will be the first in their families to attend a four-year college or university.

Georgia State wanted to close many of the informational gaps that students face when trying to reach higher education including how to start a college search, filling out applications, learning about financial aid, testing tips and choosing a major. It is the reason we created And we’re proud to say that it is a useful resource for all students, even if they aren’t first-generation. There needed to be one place where all the information a student needed to get into college was explained – and now it’s here!


At, students will find information about maximizing their high school years to prepare for a successful transition to college. For example, we’ve included a timeline full of important steps students should take throughout their time in high school. These steps include everything from meeting with a guidance counselor, to planning high school course loads year-by-year to make sure students are getting the Common Core credits they’ll need in order to graduate. Readers will also find information about taking standardized tests for college admission including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as when participating in dual enrollment opportunities might make the most sense.

There’s so much that students can do on this site! Read tips on choosing the right school, beginning family conversations about college and clarifying priorities in a college search. There’s even a section for parents that provides resources just for them, such as information about FERPA and articles about how to best support their new college students.

Last, but certainly not least, our guide features student profiles of current first-gen students who come from diverse backgrounds and whose interests span everything from finance to exercise science. These incredible students serve as real life examples of first-generation students who found their own unique paths to success. Read their stories and learn about what they’re involved with at Georgia State, the tips and tricks they use to manage their time and course loads, and what they think fellow first-gen students should know.

So go ahead! Check out right now. Let us know what you think about our site in the comments below and spread the word about this incredible resource for first-generation students!


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