Scott’s Inside Scoop: Everybody, Relax!

We’re excited to see how many students are applying to Georgia State. I can’t believe the numbers. Our processing teams are as busy as can be, and I’m loving all of the students who are ready to become Georgia State Panthers! In the wake of an enormous influx of applications, here are a few tips for anyone waiting for their decision:

1. Stop Freaking Out.

Stop. Just stop. I’m serious. Really.


We’re reviewing your applications as fast as we possibly can. This time of year, we have thousands of files, transcripts and documents full of test scores and personal information. The Georgia State Office of Admissions takes immense care in our processing because we care about our students immensely. So if you’ve submitted everything, and we haven’t updated your application status, don’t panic. We’re working hard just for you. We’re the #4 most innovative university in the country, but we haven’t turned our processors into droids yet. This is not WestWorld.

2. December 1 is our First Magic Deadline Date

I’ve spoken with plenty of students and parents who want to know if they can still submit documents. The answer is yes. You have until December 1st to submit all of your supplemental documents if you opened an application by November 15th. If you do this, we will have your decision ready on December 15th. What a great gift for the holidays!

Even if you don’t submit by December 1st, there are still plenty of chances for you to get in to Georgia State. Like…a million chances. What matters most is how much you’d like to be considered for priority financial aid, scholarships and your choice of student housing. If you value these benefits, then get that application completed ASAP.

3. Don’t Sleep on State

Georgia State is full of incredible people. Our student body cannot be compared to that of others schools. Every single student, parent, staff and faculty member is walking a unique path, and we couldn’t be happier to help them to and through it.

Georgia State University is not without flaw. We have to work within ourselves to continue pushing in the right direction, but I do truly believe that we’re on to something. State is a place where our students can feel safe to be themselves and pursue their academic passions. There is nothing that will change my mind about that. Working at this university provides me with fresh inspiration and insight every day. Whether its our premier research, our impactful student organizations or our backdrop – the great city of Atlanta – Georgia State will continue to strive to provide students the best possible education they can receive.

In summary, we could all use a little chill pill. Myself included.  I hope that this post will help everyone do just that. I absolutely, without-a-doubt cannot wait to review the Fall 2017 class and begin admitting students. In fact, that’s what I’m off to do. Thanks for reading…and stop sending me so many emails. We’ve got this.

– Scott


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