Student #STATEments

What better way to get a glimpse of life at Georgia State than asking the students themselves!

See what Julia has to say about Georgia State.img_0631

What do you love most about Georgia State?

“I love diversity at Georgia State University. I love knowing that each day I go on campus i’ll meet someone different than me. I love seeing so many cultures and learning cultural competency from experience rather than just reading about it in a textbook. Going to a school where everyone is the same is so boring, and it doesn’t help you grow.”

Why should students enroll at Georgia State?

“Students should come to Georgia State because it has a huge range of majors, great diversity and it’s right in the middle of the city. There’s always something to do and new things to try”

What do you love most about your major?

“After changing my major three times, I’m finally happy with social work. I love that it’s basically the science of helping people. It’s super flexible, so I can easily change my career path whenever I want. There is a high need, and I can work directly with people to help improve their lives.”

What have you got involved in at Georgia State?

“My favourite thing i’ve gotten involved in at Georgia State is the Alpha Omega campus ministry. It’s been amazing to join a group of people so committed and they constantly inspire me.”

Where is your favourite place to go on campus? 

“The library plaza is great when it’s warm outside. It’s not too far of a walk from most things.”



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