How to Prepare for the Start of Your College Career

Students walking in woodruff park

You’ve wrapped up your classes and summer break is finally here! You may be planning on sleeping in late and hanging out with friends, but what are some things you can do now to be better prepared for college later? Georgia State is hard at work preparing to welcome students to the Panther family. We are just as excited for you to be here as you are to begin, but before we get ahead of ourselves — here are some tips for all students to make the most of their summer before college.

1. Keep Your Brain Active – Whether its reading a fiction novel for pleasure or reviewing previous class notes, a college classroom environment may be more rigorous than what you’ve experienced in high school. So, don’t take a break from the books this summer. Keep your mind sharp by reading and writing. Then once the semester begins, it will be easy to continue the good habits you started. Also brush up on current events by reading a newspaper or downloading a news provider app. College is a time to step out of your comfort zone and meet people from all walks of life. To be sure you can contribute to the conversation, stay updated on what’s happening around the world.

2. Explore Your Path – If you are coming in undeclared or maybe just want to explore your options, reach out to local professionals in your area of interest for shadowing or internship opportunities this summer. This will provide you with real-world experience to either confirm your passions or guide you in new directions.

3. Prepare for the Big Move – Get organized! Before you head off to campus you’ll want to make sure your finances, car and self are ready to go. You can do that by reviewing any financial aid or scholarships you were offered, taking your car to be serviced and scheduling a check up with your local physician. You’ll also want to connect with your roommate(s). Find out who’s bringing what and any interests or hobbies you have in common.

4. Learn Valuable Life Skills – College is a time to discover your independence. If you haven’t already, you may want to learn how to do laundry. Other skills that are valuable for every college student to learn include budgeting and time management. This will be a great conversation to have with your parents about transitioning to adulthood and what your expectations are.

5. Relax & Get Excited! – The anticipation of college can be overwhelming, which is why you should also spend this summer relaxing and enjoying the things you love most in your hometown. You’ll also want to start showing some school spirit by buying university branded clothing to wear or artwork to decorate your room with.

Follow these five simple tips and you’ll see how this summer’s work will pay off in the fall! All admitted GSU Panthers can also view the Next Steps Checklist created by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.



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