Scott’s Inside Scoop: Rolling Admissions

Georgia State University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions is pleased to announce that starting this fall, we are moving from an early action admissions process to a rolling admissions cycle. Read on to learn the benefits of rolling admissions and the difference between other admissions cycle types including early action and regular decision.

Georgia State made this change to better serve its prospective students during their application process, but what does this mean for you? Instead of releasing admissions decisions on a particular date, we will now respond to applicants as they submit complete applications/documentation and release decisions on a regular basis.

Rolling Admissions

  • Decisions are made rotationally and more frequently.
  • There’s a larger application window, giving you more time to apply.
  • You can take full advantage of rolling admissions by applying early. The earlier you apply, the sooner you get a decision!
  • There are so many benefits of receiving an early decision, such as early consideration for academic scholarships and earlier access to on-campus housing.
  • Be sure to note deadlines while you are completing your application.

Early Action

  • Many colleges enable you to apply early action by a November/December deadline, and then they guarantee you receive a decision by mid-December (or January).
  • The downside of early action is waiting to receive an admissions decision after you’ve applied early.

Regular Decision

  • This process consists of set deadlines applicants must meet.
  • You have to wait till springtime to receive an admissions decision.
  • The application deadline for regular decisions is later than early action deadlines, which provides students with a longer period of time to develop their applications before submission.
  • This is popular for students who would like their senior year performance considered in the application evaluation process.

Applying to college can be overwhelming, but understanding the admissions cycles make the application process easier to navigate. It is important to know what admissions process the schools you are applying to use, because each university has different requirements and deadlines. You’ll want to be aware of what documentation is expected, the options you have to consider, such as additional applications for certain academic programs and each application timeline.

Check out our website for information on how to apply to Georgia State’s Perimeter College and Atlanta Campus. The application for Spring and Fall of 2018 is now live!


Scott Burke,
Associate Vice President and Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Georgia State University


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