Find Out Why Bill Gates Says Georgia State Defies the Odds

Did you know at Georgia State University, there is no achievement gap and our graduation rate has increased from 32 percent to 54 percent over the last decade? 

At Georgia State, everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success regardless of race or income. The faculty and staff here are dedicated to helping students accomplish their goals and graduate.

On June 12, Bill Gates and representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visited the Atlanta campus to learn more about how Georgia State has used technology and data to eliminate achievement gaps and become a national model for student success.

Gates was so “amazed” by what he learned about Georgia State’s efforts to boost its graduation rates that he shared his experience on his blog this month!

Here’s what Bill Gates had to say about what he learned during his visit at Georgia State:

“Putting Students First” by Bill Gates

Without more graduates, our country will face a shortage of skilled workers and fewer low-income families will get the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.


That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for colleges and universities that somehow defy these odds—places where students are more likely to graduate than not, regardless of race or income.


Georgia State University is one of the institutions that has achieved this goal.


– Bill Gates


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