Choosing the correct colleges to apply to can seem stressful in the beginning. Higher education is important, and each application takes effort, energy and resources. As the university landscape shifts to fit new kinds of students, there should be opportunities for students to tailor their application and feel good about what they submit.

At Georgia State, our admissions process reflects the uniqueness of our students and our commitment to encouraging their continued growth and development. Every student is an individual with unique talents, interests and skills, and that’s why we give them options to create their own unique application. Students can choose to skip the optional essay and letter of recommendation sections for the merit-based evaluation, or include an essay and letter(s) of recommendation to be evaluated holistically. It’s the student’s choice; either way, our process is designed to give you more control and self-accurate representation in the college application process.
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Making A Statement

Georgia State University is here to help you make a statement as a soon-to-be college student. That’s why we created our blog. Whether you’re searching for the perfect university, choosing between majors or learning about financial aid, we want you to feel good about the decisions you make before you go to college.

Our blog has tips that will take you from application to graduation, including the inside scoop on how higher ed really works. When you check back for updates, you’ll see new and informative posts about what it’s really like to apply, decide and attend college. From test scores to internships to easing first semester jitters, the Statement is here to support real students with real information that will make college a really great experience.

Sound good? Check back for new posts, so that you’ll be ready to take on your newest journey as a college student. We’ll be here every step of the way.