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Some of your favorite college memories will be made sharing a meal with friends on campus. At Georgia State, we are committed to providing you with quality food at affordable prices. Did you know that our fully functional hydroponic farm benefits from innovative climate technology and produces crops with zero herbicides or pesticides? You can enjoy a meal made with our freshly grown produce right on campus! While you are in the midst… Read More

We are happy to announce that Georgia State has created a virtual tour for our applicants and prospective students. Thanks to our friends at YouVisit, our guests can now take a virtual guided walking tour complete with rich media, video content and 360-degree panoramic views. We think our tour provides our guests with great information about campus and student life via a unique virtual experience. But of course, we want to know what… Read More

Did you know that at college, your living environment is highly important to your overall experience in college? Your living space has an affect on you academically, financially and socially. Due to this, it is important to take all factors into consideration when deciding on a place to stay for the academic year.  There are several benefits to living on campus, making it an ideal place to begin your university journey. We’ve listed a… Read More